Silk + Honey

Created by Sharonda Flynn, Silk + Honey is proud to announce its first range of luxury, all-natural, do-it-yourself beauty products, launched in February 2014. Our aim is to share our knowledge about natural beauty and enable our customers to make their own creams and cosmetics that are fresh, highly effective and free from harmful chemicals.

Our first kits include a Shimmering Body Cream, Anti-Ageing Hand Cream, Shea Butter Hair Mask, and Natural Lip gloss. Each kit contains step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients you need to make up the products. The final texture, scent and the amount you make at a time is up to you – you’re in control. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to keep Silk + Honey products 100 per cent natural and environmentally friendly. We will also provide customers with information about the importance of using natural ingredients in skin care products – and their benefits – and we’ll share our on hands-on experience of the DIY process. 


So why use Silk + Honey products? The answer is simple – natural ingredients are pure and far kinder to your skin than chemical products. They work more efficiently and they’re safer and healthier for you.

Another tremendous benefit of mixing the product together yourself is that you know that you have something that is natural and fresh and that you’re using it at its very best. You also know exactly what’s going into your products and why. Details of all our ingredients are listed on our website and in the booklet that’s included with each kit.

The kits provide a generous amount of product so you can share your wonderful creations with friends and family. Silk + Honey kits are proving to be huge hits at spa parties and bridal showers and they make perfect gifts.  


Our Commitment 

100 per cent natural ingredients:
Silk + Honey products are made with plant-derived ingredients. A natural preservative is used for product longevity, along with a number of other naturally occurring ingredients, making Silk + Honey products truly all natural. We’ve carried out extensive research on our suppliers to ensure that ingredients we source are natural, organic and of top quality.

Silk + Honey products are free from:
parabens + artificial colours + PEGs + aluminium chlorohydrate + mineral oils + silicones + formaldehyde + phthalates + animal derivatives + petrochemicals apart from nature identicals + synthetic perfumes + GMO

Silk + Honey embraces green living. We're committed to making our products and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible and we use recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials.

How We’re Different

Passion and purpose are what set Silk + Honey apart. Many products may claim to be natural but this does not guarantee that they are free from potentially harmful chemicals.

Silk + Honey has come up with the perfect solution: you make your own beauty products so you know exactly what they contain. And the process is easy and fun.