Sharonda was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but now lives in London, England with her wonderful husband and their adorable cat Mittens. Sharonda is the author of the Silk + Honey blog and the founder of Silk + Honey, which launched in February 2014.

Since realizing that many store-bought cosmetics and beauty products contain potentially toxic chemicals, Sharonda has become passionate about creating her own, using only natural ingredients.

Having experimented with natural beauty for over eight years, using herself, friends and family as guinea pigs, Sharonda has taught herself how to make beauty solutions that truly work for her, and she’s won praise from her once sceptical friends. She has also shared her beauty secrets with others via blogs and discovered that people were really responding to her homemade remedies.

Now it is time to take things to the next level. Sharonda wants to share her discoveries with you by showing you how to make the most amazing skin care, hair products, make-up and much more in your own kitchen, with kits available from her new company – Silk + Honey.

It’s not all work for Sharonda. In her free time, Sharonda enjoys being with family and friends. Her idea of a perfect day is snuggling up on the sofa with her husband and cat, watching old school cartoons and 70s sitcoms, and she loves to have Sunday brunch with the girls. She looks forward to getting together with her family and friends back in Chicago, and just hanging out and laughing. Sharonda’s day-to-day lifestyle is all about healthy living, but when she’s on vacation all bets are off and she’ll eat pizza, creamy cakes and just about any other snack she can get her hands on.

When coming up with ideas for new beauty recipes, Sharonda finds inspiration in anything and everything around her, including bright colours, cookbooks on puddings and cakes, and even pretty props. Her delightful personality and great sense of humour make her the life and soul of the party and a real treat to be around.